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Usagi by doma22
by doma22

I like that it's not rendered, not "overdone" ... there's something I just like about "the traditional drawing look" and for this pictu...

II by sandrawiklander

I know when I look at this picture ... I CAN FEEL SOMETHING from it ... it's cool, refreshing, and in a way almost "celebrating" and en...


 Posted from off my Facebook recently ...

Where do I start? There's so much I've done this year ... and yet it's hard to know where to begin.

I feel there's so much to say and / or show and do ... but it's hard to know where to begin ... I no longer do forums, I stopped that long ago. I lost interest in that long ago ... except maybe occasionally ... but rarely. Very rarely.

I've been off Facebook, Tumblr, DeviantART, Pinterest ... I had a very long hiatus and I've been off for alot of the year.

I would do a new blog on Tumblr ... but I feel barely anyone has looked at it ... so I feel rather sort of discouraged. It's been a while

and DeviantART ... there's so much I've missed. So much ... today is my first day back on

and Twitter ... would feel pointless ... unless I have new updates ... and hopefully followers ...

I just want to know where to begin ..


Asian, male, single, from Toronto, ON / Canada

Facebook: Hanjuro Akuro

DeviantART: Taeyoongjoongsa


Note: this is the actual page. If you see "any other pages on Tumblr referring to "gold carp" ignore it, it's not me. Just saying this because I looked on Google BEFORE making the account and saw something like it even though it said "there was no such thing"

If you want to see any actual blogs from me on Tumblr just go to

I also have a Twitter account / will announce later on


Two things I have to say here:

If you're in authority and too damn lazy to "go according to the rules or check shit out" then don't complain. Don't send warnings, don't complain, etc.

Note here I am not offended by "a few people's complaints" but for future reference please read this

I WANT EVERYONE TO TO UNDERSTAND: when people say something is available for PUBLIC OR PERSONAL USE then I take it means wallpaper AND / OR it can be used, worked on, and altered in some way for "personal use".

The reason I work on other people's picture sometimes is to simply compliment it, NOT to take whole and total credit for it. The only credit I take for is what I did to the picture, like how I added or altered the picture. Plus, giving credit to your name "is like a bit of promotion" for
you, so don't take it so badly. I just work on the pictures to compliment the art, it's something I enjoy, and hopefully sometimes even the artists themselves sometimes will like it.

HOWEVER I ALSO DO MY OWN WORK, MY OWN ORIGINAL ART. SO NO, I don't always take other people's art all the time and work on it. I do it sometimes but NOT all the time.

However I don't think it means for commercial / business use, and in such cases, odds are likely I would contact the original source or artist I got it from BEFORE doing so. The only other reason I would post something without giving credit to it is when I can't even remember the source or the artist but in most cases I would remember or try to remember.

BE AWARE, that:

Whether I am using something for business OR personal use (example: public gallery like DeviantART) I still try to give credit to the original source or artist

Like honestly SOMETIMES it's hard to remember where it's from unless I made note of it. But if it's from DeviantART, maybe Pinterest (the thing about Pinterest is SOMETIMES the people there don't even own the pictures, they just got it off somewhere else and then linked it ... so there in such cases, I'm "not even sure it's always neccessary to credit them"). But if I know AND MADE NOTE of the original artist or source then I will give credit to them by mentioning the name of the source OR artist it came from.

Credit for source should always be artist first, but if I don't know the name then at least the source if I can remember or made note

But when something is ORIGINALLY MY OWN I don't even need to say it. Like duh, obviously.
If there was something to give credit to, odds are I would do it, as long as I've made note on it or mentioned it in some way.

Even if you don't like it ... then just tell me to remove it but don't flame me for it

ALSO DO look at my profile OR journal entries (especially or usually recent) in case you have an issue with me, somewhere in it I may have talked about it or addressed it.

Another thing: PLEASE. IF you see ANY of my art here let me know. I DON'T want it there.
There isn't at this time, thankfully. But I DON'T want any there.…

From what I've heard ... it's "okay" for another person to take the art there and trace the art there.
I don't think alot of artists like that and I don't either.

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